I had a great time on the Warrior Soul Agoge Podcast with Chris Albert and Andrew Marr.  We talked about the ups and downs of my recovery and the lessons I learned along the way.  Wounded by War But Never Broken!  Thanks for having me on the show. […]

Warrior Soul Agoge Podcast

Praise for Conus Battle Drills By: Kevin R. Flike Every year more than 200,000 US service members leave the military and begin the process of transitioning to the civilian world. No matter how much you loved your time in service, the initial rush of freedom is electrifying. No more long […]

Conus Battle Drills

  “My Fellow Americans, Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You, Ask What You Can Do For Your Country.” President John F. Kennedy   “Thank you for your service.” These are usually the words I hear once someone learns I served in the US Army. While I am […]

The Meaning of Service

  How Bad Do You Want It?   By: Kevin R. Flike My excitement was palpable as I hobbled from my car to the 1st Special Forces Group Rehabilitation Center. My clunky full leg brace squeaked with each awkward step. After spending the last two months on crutches to allow […]

How Bad Do You Want It?

  In February of 2009, the one-month culmination exercise known as Robin Sage stood between myself and the coveted Green Beret. I had spent the last two years suffering at the hands of battle hardened Green Berets, who made it clear that we would be tested until the last minute […]

We Do. We Fail. We Learn

Lesson #3 “Live your life like you are going to die tomorrow” By: Kevin R. Flike My teammate placed this hat on a stick to draw out Taliban fire.  Immediately after he exposed the hat, a member of the Taliban shot right through it. I kept this picture of my […]

Lesson #3