Public Speaking

In the early stages of my recovery, people asked me if I was comfortable speaking about my experiences. Admittedly, the first time was tough, however, I now love sharing my experiences and lessons learned.  My speeches center around the five most important lessons I learned during my incredible journey.

The five lessons are:

– Take the hard road, it’s worth it
– Things happen for a reason
– Live your life like you are going to die tomorrow
– Don’t feel sorry for yourself
– Never give up

I have spoken to numerous organizations about my experiences including, church groups, my alma mater, charity organizations, businesses, the Saratoga County (NY) Republican Party, MIT ROTC, the Boston College Athletics Department and Congressman Seth Moulton (MA). I was also selected to represent the 1st Special Forces Group’s Wounded Warriors in meetings with President Barack Obama and former United States Special Operations Command Commander, Admiral William McRaven. My story has been included in a documentary about adaptive sports and was the subject of a photo collage by Leslie Starobin that was featured in the Library of Congress.

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“On Veteran’s Day 2014 Kevin Flike delivered the keynote speech at our annual Veteran’s Day dinner in Saratoga Springs, New York. Kevin is a dynamic speaker with a compelling life story. He is very articulate and during his speech there was not a whisper in the room. Kevin captivates his audience with the real life experience of service to his country. I highly recommend Kevin as speaker for any group, you will not be disappointed.” John Herrick, Chairman, Saratoga County Republican Committee

“ Our organization (Stride Adaptive Sports) needed a keynote presenter that had pertinent relations and content for an audience of mixed military and civilian guests. Kevin Flike fit that to a tee. His approach to addressing the injured Wounded Warriors, and the 300 other guests by telling his own story was empowering and enlightening to our guests, and the message we needed to hear. Kevin was a great speaker…both his message and his presentation are truly first rate.” Mary Ellen Whitney, CEO and Founder, Stride Adaptive Sports

“Kevin, a dynamic speaker, inspired the ROTC cadets/midshipmen with stories of his combat experience and life lessons learned. The future officers are certainly motivated to serve after learning what a true hero can accomplish during and after difficulties. Thanks to Kevin for sharing his amazing story.” Lieutenant Colonel Karen Dillard – MIT ROTC

“Kevin has an amazing story with a powerful reminder to live life to the fullest and never give up when times get tough. Our student-athletes loved hearing him speak and found his message of resilience to be challenging, inspirational, and applicable to life and athletics. Listening to Kevin gave us the time and space to reflect on and reevaluate our own life choices, relationships, and goals. As one student-athlete said, “It’s things like this, questions like these that need to be asked, and often we forget to ask them.” It’s clear in looking at our student feedback that Kevin positively impacted our students and that he left them with a fresh perspective on life.” – Aaron Paterson, Boston College Athletics