What a Difference Two Years Makes

For 55 minutes on September 25, 2011 I thought that each passing minute could be my last. In an instant everything changed, a promising life full off hope and optimism seemed like it would come to an end at a mere 27 years old. I thought that I would never see my wife, parents, brothers, or friends again. Then I realized that I would never have a family of my own and would never be able to right the wrongs of my past. 55 minutes was the amount of time that elapsed between getting shot and being on the operating table at a field hospital in NW Afghanistan. It was a transformative 55 minutes that has stayed with me since that fateful day.

Today marks two years since I was wounded and I still possess the same amazement that I am alive today as I did when I woke up from an induced coma in Germany three days after being shot. The road has been unbearable and heart wrenching at times, however, I have never forgotten the thoughts and feelings from those 55 minutes. The past two years have been shaped by those 55 minutes. What once seemed impossible two years ago is now my reality. My wife is pregnant with our first child (she is 5 days over due!), my health is improving daily and I am working towards my MBA at the MIT-Sloan School of Management. Every day is an amazing experience full of new opportunities and promise. Every morning when I wake up, feel like I am the luckiest man on the planet.

Live every day, hour, and moment like it is your last. Tell your family you love them, set yourself on a path to achieve your goals and right the wrongs of your past. Most importantly, remember how lucky you are to be alive. I could not have made it to this point without the help of so many people. Communities, organizations and people raised up to support my family and I in our time of need. I would like to thank God for giving me hope when I thought there was none, my wife for putting up with the pain and suffering, my mother, father, brothers and extended family, my friends, 1st Special Forces Group (specifically 1316 and A. Co. 3/1), the USSOCOM Care Coalition-Jim Adcock, the Green Beret Foundation, Special Operations Warrior Foundation, the Sentinels of Freedom Scholarship, the town of Stillwater, NY, Union College, La Salle Institute, and the crew at THOR 3-Jared, Grant, Hunter, Anja, LTC Jovag, Major Lesher, and others too numerous to count. God Bless

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